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ESTAT is an agency providing collection, processing and analysis of research data and consultancy services in the field of marketing. We have been on the market since 2002 and our activities cover the entire spectre of research methods for registration and interpretation of survey information. In the last several years, our efforts are focused in five main fields:

  • Business climate and business development
  • Information and communication technologies and innovations
  • Markets, brands and consumers
  • Monitoring and assessment of Sectoral Operational Programmes.
  • Tourism

Since the beginning of 2003 ESTAT has been a member of ESOMAR ( European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research ).

Since 2011 ESTAT has been a member of WAPOR (World association for public opinion research).

Since 2011 ESTAT has been a member of Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria (BICA).

Since 2014 ESTAT has been a member of Global Market Research (GMR).

In October 2009, ESTAT, together with 13 other companies, established the Bulgarian Association of Market and Public Opinion Research Professionals (BAMOR).

In 2010 ESTAT introduced a Quality management system ISO 9001:2008.

ESTAT employees are experts in sociology, economic sociology, marketing, political science, psychology, economics and finance. The Agency has a team of long-term consultants in the field of statistics and sampling, advertising, media, economics and social sciences.